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About Chad

Chad is a visionary leader with over 25 years experience starting, operating, and selling a business. He has developed a personal and professional philosophy that guides his every day decisions. A two-time EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Chad was voted One of the Most Admired Executives in Ohio with Business First’s C-Suite Award and his company was consistently recognized as a “Best Place to Work” for over a decade, twice being ranked the #1 business to work in Ohio.           


In 1997, Chad founded his first company, Choice Recovery, Inc, while still a student at Ohio State University. Early in his career, Chad graduated and started teaching multiple Dale Carnegie Programs. In 2018, he became Certified as a Kolbe Corp Assessment Trainer. Chad uses EOS since 2015 and began self-implementing in 2017. Chad has been a client of Strategic Coach, member of YPO. and is a sponsor of the Conscious Capitalism Network.  


In 2013, Chad founded [re]start with the goal of helping people find meaningful employment opportunities. In 2018, Chad started to build an online career development app on a “no code” software platform called bubble.io. Chad transformed his agency into an industry outlier becoming the only collection agency in the country helping people find new jobs so they can get out of debt.


In 2019, Chad started Platform Partners to address chronic problems that had persisted in his business for years. Playbook is an LMS Training and Onboarding Platform for small to mid-size businesses.   


In 2021, Chad invested in Genius X before they launched one of the first Educational Apps in Virtual Reality. Chad became one of the first coaches available  inside Meta’s Oculus store. The new app called “Retreat” was released in December 2022. Chad’s courses are focused on career development, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.



Chad Silverstein
Chad Silverstein

About Chad

Nationally recognized as a visionary leader for the last 25 years Chad has successfully started, operated and sold businesses, while developing and refining a personal and professional philosophy integrated into all of his teams and organizations.

An EY Entrepreneur of the Year two-time finalist, Chad was recognized by his peers as one of the most admired Executives in Ohio with Business First’s C-Suite Award. His company has been ranked a “Best Place to Work” for over a decade, twice ranked the #1 business to work for in Ohio.

Chad founded Choice Recovery in his apartment during his senior year at Ohio State. He has developed and refined a personal and professional philosophy and integrated it into all of his organizations. Early in his career, Chad graduated from multiple Dale Carnegie programs and then had his entire company graduate from the Dale Carnegie team leadership course. A certified Kolbe Corp Assessment trainer, Chad runs his companies using EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System). He is a client of Strategic Coach and a member of YPO. His company is also a sponsor of the Conscious Capitalism network.

Early in his career, Chad graduated and led multiple Dale Carnegie programs. He hired and self-implemented EOS in 2015, became a certified Kolbe Corp Assessment trainer in 2016, was a member of the Strategic Coach program, member of YPO, and is a sponsor of Conscious Capitalism.

Chad started his second company, [re]start in 2013 with the sole
purpose to help people find meaningful employment opportunities. Transforming his collection agency into an industry leader, he built a multi-user platform that connects people with a career advisor and
easy to use software in order to find meaningful employment
opportunities. [re]start was recognized by Business First with an Outstanding Innovation Award. The app has successfully helped
thousands of people since first launching. In 2019, Chad started Platform Partners to solve chronic problems that lingered in his business for years. His investment and partnership in Playbook Builder, a learning management software, helps teams with their online training and development. In 2021, Chad invested and partnered with GeniusX who debuted their

retreat app in the Meta Oculus in late 2022. As one of the first
coaches in the metaverse, Chad launched three courses to help people professionally.

Professional Development

Virtual Reality Learning In The Metaverse!

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Experience a new adventure where leveling up your mindset, skills, and capabilities will feel as real as actually being there with your own personal coach.

For Businesses

I never met anyone who loves sending their customers to collections.

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For Job-Seekers

[re]think the Job Search Process.

The process to find a job is hard and employers have the upper hand 100% of the time. Searching and spamming employers on job boards doesn’t work, so I built technology specifically for people seeking new employment opportunities.

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Keynote Speaking

As a nationally recognized authority in building a “Top Workplace,” 

Chad has spoken on stages on topics such as entrepreneurs, business development, and leadership. As a keynote speaker, Chad can speak on a wide range of topics that will engage and have an impact on your audience.