Financial Stability

The Success Of Your Business Depends On People Paying Their Bills, But People Can’t Pay If They Don’t Have Job.

For Your Customers

Become an Outlier.

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Our clients, who we call Sponsors, are forward-thinking companies who care about people as much as they care about profit. They understand people fall behind and they feel a responsibility to give back and do what they can to help. 


[re]start keeps people employed and helps them find a better opportunity. Helping customers find a new job is a game-changer!

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“Right-Fit” Sponsors


and Dental

Schools and Universities


Non-Profit Organizations

The Problem

When the people who pay you fall behind financially, your business suffers.

Medical Bills

Medical debt represents
66% of all bankruptcies filed.

Student Loans

30% of college students
will have student loan debt for up to a decade after graduating.

Credit Cards

Americans owe 998 BILLION dollars. in Credit Card Debt.


1 in 3 adults have
been sent to collections.

Sponsorship Benefits


Utilizing technology to make
a difference in people's lives.

Online Access

Easy-to-use and simple-to-
share. A designed for everyone.

Financial Gain

Everyone wins with people
who are successfully employed.

Social Impact

Connect your team to something
bigger than themselves

Protect Your Brand

Let your testimonials
tell your story for you.

Marketing Assets

Everything you need to
give people access to jobs!

Your Team Will Be Never The Same.

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Outstanding Innovation Award from Business First Publication.